"“Love is Dead! was originally a piece I wrote to entertain myself. I didn’t think, with the content, that I could ever share it with the public,” said prolific playwright Seanie Sugrue..." by Tammy Scileppi @ Times Ledger


"Sex, violence and comedy await — if you dare..." by Mark Lord @ Queen's Chronicle

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"Physically and mentally abusive characters show their love for each other in strange psychotic ways through violence, sexism, and yelling in this surprisingly well-written comedy." by Shoshana Roberts @

Photo Flash: Meet the Cast of Locked in the Attic's A FANCY CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR at The Secret Theatre

Seanie Sugrue's My Goldfish Loves Me but I Hate Your Guts! and The Apple and the Tree!, was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Stage Play category of the 85th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition. Among the ten competition categories, there were over 6,000 entries in total this year. The Competition will be published in November 2016 and will be available for purchase from in early 2017.


Locked in the Attic Productions and Seanie Sugrue nominated for two New York Innovative Theater Awards for One Way to Pluto!
Best Original Full Length Script
Best Premier Production of a Play

Review Fix Exclusive: Seanie Sugrue Talks Love is Dead!

Off-Off Broadway Play LOVE IS DEAD! to Become a Movie

Photo Flash: Sneak Peek at LOVE IS DEAD!, Coming to 13th Street Rep

Playwright Seanie Sugrue to Bring Three One-Acts to 13th Street Rep in LOVE IS DEAD!


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One Way to Pluto! Reviewed by Drama Queens Peer Reviews

The writer gets his point across and his message vibrates in the mind of the audience in a very momentous way.  It recognizes the depth of depredation that exist in New York City.  Yet, drug addiction, prostitution, and homelessness are not just confine to this city.  The writer forces the audience to scrutinize and see at least an ounce of truth in and beyond the sphere of human existence.  The audience comes away with a satisfied or motivated spirit to aim for the stars or land on Pluto.

One Way to Pluto! Reviewed by

Sugrue’s drama is reminiscent of the works of Sam Shepard, Harold Pinter, and Samuel Beckett. The playwright, who also directs, combines quick-witted moments with original music (by the downtown band Acquiesce) to create a CBGBs-style energy, earning its label of “punk theater.” With fine craftsmanship, Sugrue and his troupe, including designers, have memorably fused words and music together. 

One Way to Pluto! Reviewed by

Irish-born author Seanie Sugrue has crafted an engrossing contemporary fable.  Mr. Sugrue’s dialogue is witty and realistic and there are numerous funny one-liners.  A hilarious scene of a mugging gone awry recalls the work of Neil Simon at the height of his powers. Some of the wistful ruminations and explosive romantic exchanges between the men and women are reminiscent of John Patrick Shanley.

Interview with Playwright and Director Seanie Sugrue

Review Fix chats with playwright Seanie Sugrue who discusses his upcoming production “One Way to Pluto!” Chatting about his creative process and influences, Review Fix gets a look inside the mind of one of the most intriguing and witty playwrights in New York City today.

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