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Misty Button will make its world premier at the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival on St. Patrick’s Day.
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After being asked to place a ten thousand dollar bet on a racehorse, James and Eoin make the fatal mistake of pocketing the money. The two Irish emigres face crisis when Misty Button comes in at 35-1.

Writer and Director: Seanie Sugrue

Stars: Cillian O'Sullivan, Kevin BreznahanJosh Salt, John Keating, Shaun Kennedy, Donald Paul, Bret Lada, Victoria Meade, Gerardo Rodriguez, Ashton ClayHannah Jane McMurrayGerard McNameePatrick ScherrerJulia NightingaleTravis Tr JacksonWaleed Sokkar, Julie ReifersMarcia Haufrecht,

Currently in Post-Production