at The Angelika Film Center
March 8th 2018 @ 7:30 pm

Spite is a character driven drama, dark comedy and at times a thriller about several struggling artists living in NYC.

SPITE - Pilot Trailer Out NOW!

Locked in the Attic Productions has turned their attention from theater and film to television. Seanie Sugrue's new pilot Spite is currently in post production and everyone at Locked in the Attic Productions is excited to share it with you before it hits the TV festival circuit.

Starring Patrick Scherrer, Rachel Zapata, Hannah Jane McMurray, Chris Gentile, Joseph Smith, Ana Roshelle Diaz, Tara Bruno, Carly Ann Filbin, Bronson Taylor, John Warren, Andy Fiori, Mollie Downes, Julie Reifers, Tommy Nichols, Myles O'Connor, Jenni Halina, and Apple the Dog

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