One Way to Pluto! Reviewed by Drama Queens Peer Review

"The audience comes away with a satisfied or motivated spirit to aim for the stars or land on Pluto." - Inola McGuire

One Way to Pluto! Reviewed by

"Sugrue’s drama is reminiscent of the works of Sam Shepard, Harold Pinter, and Samuel Beckett. The playwright, who also directs, combines quick-witted moments with original music (by the downtown band Acquiesce) to create a CBGBs-style energy, earning its label of “punk theater.” With fine craftsmanship, Sugrue and his troupe, including designers, have memorably fused words and music together."- Deborah Anderson

One Way to Pluto! Reviewed by

"The odyssey of a heroin addicted rock drummer in contemporary NYC is presented in this jagged and engaging panorama peopled with colorful characters." - Darryl Reilly

One Way To Pluto!, the prequel to Black Me Out!, is an existential journey through the life of Peter Cooper, a hostile persona struggling to make sense of his transgender dysphoria. Falling out of grace with everyone around him, Peter plunges from shared housing to homelessness, seldom user to heroin junkie and from punk rock drummer to pathetic, washed-up rock star. Destroyed by his ego, comfort comes through a psychedelic journey to Pluto and back with Dwight, a chronic vagabond, and from an act of criminal desperateness, he befriends one of Pluto’s moons. This story is a restless exploration of one mans search to find meaning and delves into the fight against personal delusion, addiction, and the trepidation of inferiority. 

13th Street Repertory Company and Locked In The Attic Productions Presents
One Way To Pluto
! An Original Play by Seanie Sugrue
In Loving Memory of James Anthony Tropeano III

Cast Included: Patrick Brian Scherrer, John Warren, Courtney Torres, Mary Tierney*, Christopher Clark Cates, Jenni Halina, and Myles O’Connor*
* Appearing through the courtesy of the Actors Equity Association

Play Dates: March 8th - March 12th, 2016 and March 14th - March 16th, 2016
Times: Monday - Thursday 8 pm, Friday and Saturday 9:30 pm
Location: 13th Street Repertory Company, 50 West 13th Street, NYC 10011

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The production of One Way To Pluto! featured soundtrack music from East Village band Acquiesce!
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